I’m glad you found me here…

Sometimes it seems impossible to get back home when things go against your way. On the other side, some people are uncertain to go home, although they are on the right path. I’ve been there and still out there, wandering and floating.

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The Cold Dead Sea

Last night, I thought I wouldn’t make it. I let myself drowned into the sea of endless thoughts, ready to be swallowed.

I asked for His help then, courage to be specific.

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I Am Not Real

He said that if I want to be real, I should consider myself getting old. So, when the day she was born came, I got excited because I’m finally 16!

It was supposed to be a special day. My classmates greeted me, I have a party waiting for me at home, and he and my friends will be there. My mom even bought me a new dress!

I had a good start until someone approached me…

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I Want To Be A White Butterfly

Butterflies are fragile yet beautiful. They are beautiful in their different kinds and colors. I especially love their life cycle. It’s similar to us. From us being formed inside the womb, childhood days, then when we’ve reached the final stage of metamorphosis and ready to spread our wings and see the world. Butterflies die just like us, when we get old, sick, or because of some tragic or unfortunate event.

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You have so many stars in your sky

At times that you feel alone at the middle of the darkness of the night, you have the light of the moon and the stars which can help you get through the night.

– p.p


i’ve realized im not lost
im looking for a home
-a new home
to shelter me
from the endless void